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Commission FAQs

Price: $150


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Additional Character + $120 per char

Image Resolution:
Starts at 2480x3508 px and increase needed

Extra works
fee starts at $10 and include things such as

  • More complete background starts at $35 and can be much higher depend on complexity

  • Alternate versions

  • Excessive amount of fluid

  • Excessive/Specific Elaborate body pattern

  • Big tattoos such as sleeves and more

  • Elaborate costumes/wings/etc

There is no character limit
You can have as many character as you want to pay for in the drawing.

How to commission me: (if you want to be notified, otherwise go to 4)

  1. Have/Make a twitter account (I know I'm sorry)

  2. When I am open for commission I will tweet on my art account at It will include a link to website, which I use to manage my commission list and payment.

  3. For your convenience: You can turn on Tweet Notification for @grisserart twitter account, then turn on Email notification, so you get email notification every time I tweet there. That way you don't have to have twitter client installed or whatever and get updates through email. I do not tweet a lot. Only when I post art, tweet about art streaming, and about opening my commission queue. So don't worry about being bombarded with notifications.

  4. Or just keep checking back in at and hope to see

Updated March 11th 2019