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Commission FAQs


Color - $70 per character (bg not included)

Image Resolution:
Starts at 2480x3508 px and increase needed

Extra works
fee starts at 15% and include things such as

  • Alternate versions
  • Excessive amount of fluid
  • Excessive/Specific Elaborate body pattern
  • Big tattoos such as sleeves and more
  • Elaborate costumes/wings/etc

There is no character limit
You can have as many character as you want to pay for in the drawing.

How to commission me:
It is a mystery. Actually I just need to be better at this and figure out already how to do this better.
RIGHT NOW I am taking commission at a first come first serve basis on my twitter at @GrisserArt but I know that is a terrible way to take commission, so I will work hard this year on figuring out how to streamline this so that it works out for everybody

Updated June 18th 2017